Reviews for "Cool Balls"


can you say addictive? this game is so addictive.. i lost track of time when playing this. if only the score would add up for each level rather than starting back to zero for each level. other than that it was a boat load of fun.

Very Impressive!

WOW! That was really really good! The graphics were nice, the sounds were good, and the actionscripting apparently worked well! NICE JOB!


lol i love this game. I really like how you have the differnt levals, I have found simaler games but only with one leval which isnt very fun. Anwyas, keep up the cool work.


I can't think of a damn thing to say except...

good job!


extremely addictive and fun for a very long period of time.
graphics were suprisingly good for this sort of game, and the sound effects were brilliant. lots of little buttons everywhere, so that was cool. overall it was great, very fun!