Reviews for "Cool Balls"

My New Addiction

good job.


This is a really good game! Sleek style and a good puzzle was the best part about this game. The only problem is it's only got 12 puzzles. That and the kind of cheesy sound effect when you hopped, but luckily there was sound control.

Nice job.

nice one.

i like these sorts of games, because they make you use your brain for a change! haha.
the concept was good, and this game can keep any one with half a brain entertained for quite a while... well, i did get bored once i got to level 11, and i found that one to be a little difficult, so i stopped there :P.
but some very nice work. i liked how the game was presented, and how you could choose from many different things such as levels, sound volume, the ability to mute the sound, etc. a very good little game.
overall score: 6/10

cool game

i really like all of your games, keep it up.this one is hard but thats good.


Again the size was great how do you do it, the game was fun and i enjoyed it alot, lots of buttons : ) , good work keep it up fella !