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Reviews for "Spastic Gorilla"

quite nice.

yes, it is a bit repative, But nice work on the guitar.
It also could be used as some nice background music.
and by the way, nice Title.


Somewhat repetitive, but it changes itself up enough to keep it fresh and interesting. It has a little bit of that cut-and-paste feel that the Avalanches had, although this song is probably a little more focused than their stuff was...which is both a good and bad thing. It's not frustratingly spastic (despite the title), but at the same time it doesn't throw surprises at you throughout the song. So, in the end, it was really good, but wasn't earth shattering. Not that that's a bad thing...very few things can be truly great, and this definitely shows potential for achieving greatness in the future.

7 - Check it out if you have time