Reviews for "Beautiful Darkness"


very beautiful. while a cymbol crashing, drumb beating, lightening from the gods ending would complete this song just perfectly! it is aptly set to the title as being a beautiful darkness which has no end...


It's good i like this, i think it's one of them song's that you paint to or somthing along the line's.
nice work Keep it up

This is good....very good!

What I like about this work is the amount of sound and it's synthesis with itself. It is evocative and compelling, though in my opinion, the ending needs work. It lacks finality for a very moving work. It deserves a strong wrap up. You are a talented pianist and I look forward to hearing more of your work!


when i listen to this song and close my eyes i feel as though i am flying through space. the name really brings everything together as well. awesome job!

Very Beatiful

Very well done, just how i like it. I loved it all the way through especially of the mid piano parts. But the best is of the ending is how it reminds me of the beginning but it truly finishes so it doesn't sound like a loop. Just a question, how many piano parts are there?

P.S. I never write reviews... if that means anything to you.

conormccauley responds:

Hi there, thanks for the comment. I believe there were three piano parts, the lower bass notes, the "rhythm" piano if you like, which is the the arpeggio you hear at the start of the piano section, and then there was the lead melody. Thanks again for the review, I'm very surprised but delighted at how popular this track has been here.