Reviews for "Beautiful Darkness"


I cannot really say I thought of 'space' while listening to this, but it did calm me down.. It sound's corny but it lifted my spirits, and brought me down to earth at the same time.


This is a real special one, it really gives the feeling of being in the space (its the beautifull darkness after all).
the synth is very nice done in combination with the piano.
About the piano...... I've never heard such a good piano play here on newgrounds, it sounds like it's made with more than normal piano play it's made to express your feeling with this song (I think;P).

keep it up...

sounds like knowledge

i like it, it sounds like as if someone was trying to figure themselves out, or trying to learn somthing about themselves, it feels as if he or she can never get to the end though, makes me think

What I think ?

I see someone lying on a grass field during night
he gazes the stars then suddenly there is a shooting star
He had seen it and he does his wish
then suddenly everything around him swirls and spins aroun making his dream come true , that what i think when i hear this ,
nice work


this is very beautiful, it's not something I'll put on my ipod, but it's something that I'll fav and listen to every now and then. Keep up the good work!