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Reviews for "Das Beans: Ep.2"

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i love this series. Animated really well and the plot is funny as hell. whoa, she just came out of the television screen. That's some imagination there. too bad that can't happen in real life. lol he was dreaming. hahahha this is a great movie!

to "Aeida"

i know what you mean
i saw the ring too
the chick out of the tv was cool but you should have added a sudden phone call . wink ;-)

Hahahaha. Took that the wrong way.

I know that was supposed to be The Ring Person. But with the Naruto theme (Oh! and how I love Naruto) it remended me of Ormichimaru's Affection with young boys on the show (hehehe Cuz we know how much Sasuke sucks). He loves his capsules.

Take Me now Orichimaru-Sama!

Was the guy in love with Orichimaru? becuase he just loved the Naruto anime series so much? I liked the part where the bean guy tried to sing out the we are fighting song. oi oi oi oi oi Just go my way. Very good flahs. excellent music!