Reviews for "Kazmo & Lira - Still Alive RMX"

beat me to it....

i was gonna release my remix... it's hiphop but still lol i love dis version though i wanna get the game...


1st lol. I like this more cuz of the vocal change awesome man. i cant see anything different besides that 5/5 10/10 I just read the author commants again and it says that the vocals is the only thing u did change. anywayz awesome 5/5 10/10


this is better, but the other still rules. u rule too :P..


a .-'5/5'-.

this one did turn out better.

the other is also good but i can see where you improved. great job!

brilliant! but....

yes, a 'but'. Lira's voice is a bit.... whats the word i'm looking for? Firm? Loud? anyway, it just took over the sound aspect of the song, so what i'm saying is that if Lira's voice was.... softened(?) BUT otherwise it was a brilliant work of art just like the WIP version, nice! 10/10 5/5

Kazmo responds:

Ya this song has fail mastering, I may revisit it when I'm done my other works in progress.

Thanks for the pointer! :P

Thanks for the review and support as well. :D