Reviews for "Kazmo & Lira - Still Alive RMX"

Nice job!

Song is great, well mastered. Only complaint is that the vocals are being hidden behind the instruments, I can only pick out a few words at a time. Try "Companding" them a bit, (expanding the dynamic range, then compressing it - in order to get a "louder" over all vocal take, its explained on Wikipedia a bit more, also called Serial compression). The soundscape of the instrumentals is impressive, the reverbs match and the individual channels don't interfer with each other.

Kazmo responds:

That's the thing, in the original, that problem was even worse, the vocals could barely be heard over all the other sounds. This time around, I turned down the hats, the lead, and increased the vocals accordingly. There may be a few trouble spots still, but there are a lot less now.

Thanks for the feedback and advice! :D

this one did turn out better.

the other is also good but i can see where you improved. great job!


this is better, but the other still rules. u rule too :P..


a .-'5/5'-.


1st lol. I like this more cuz of the vocal change awesome man. i cant see anything different besides that 5/5 10/10 I just read the author commants again and it says that the vocals is the only thing u did change. anywayz awesome 5/5 10/10

beat me to it....

i was gonna release my remix... it's hiphop but still lol i love dis version though i wanna get the game...