Reviews for "Kazmo & Lira - Still Alive RMX"


lira was flat in quite a few places however

Kazmo responds:

Noone's perfect. :P


I have the original, and Lira's voice is incredibly similar to Lisa Miskovsky from the roiginal. Makes it sound incredibly authentic. Well done.

Wow again...

Yeah, you can really tell the difference between your two versions, but still very crisp and well done. Congrats to Lira for the fantastic vocals and for recording it. Rating: 10/10

Pure epicz sawce

I'm too awestruck right now to know what to say. Too epic for my ears. Gots the beginning of the melody from Edge of Faith.

I'm not a huge fan of the bass either, but the vocals are amazing.

Nice song broskie!!


Kazmo responds:

Edge of Faith is a remix of Still Alive...lol xD

Thanks man!!! I appreciate the comments! :D


Good job mate, this is my kind of trance, very laid back eith a beutiful tune, EQ / mastering is a high point although I think the EQ of the vocals is slightly to much towards the high end (only ever so slightly) By the by where can IU find them vocals and a midi for this song? I'd love to make a version myself :)