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Reviews for "Kazmo & Lira - Still Alive RMX"

Love it until...

the last 35 seconds of the song. The hollow beat at the end of the song makes it a chore to listen to it in its entirety. Aside from that, I don't feel that the voice is too overpowering at all. Extremely well done.

Kazmo responds:

Tried something new with the last 35 seconds, sorry you thought it was a chore to listen to.

Thanks for finding the final version! lol

Downgrading on the vocal

HONESTLY, I liked it better on the 1st version

Lira's vocal there seems a bit... tired

Kazmo responds:

Why would I 'downgrade'...these ones sound better. Mind you, I should revisit this because the mastering is a little...overcompressed.

Thanks...I think. :/

brilliant! but....

yes, a 'but'. Lira's voice is a bit.... whats the word i'm looking for? Firm? Loud? anyway, it just took over the sound aspect of the song, so what i'm saying is that if Lira's voice was.... softened(?) BUT otherwise it was a brilliant work of art just like the WIP version, nice! 10/10 5/5

Kazmo responds:

Ya this song has fail mastering, I may revisit it when I'm done my other works in progress.

Thanks for the pointer! :P

Thanks for the review and support as well. :D

Great Rendition

Although I'm not the biggest fan of drum n' bass, I love this - great remix of one of the best game themes ever. Great job to you for the music and to Lira for the vocals -- she kinda resembles a mix between Lisa M. and Faith, which works well here.

Kazmo responds:

"Although I'm not the biggest fan of drum n' bass"

It's not drum&bass. lol

Thanks for stopping by!


lira was flat in quite a few places however

Kazmo responds:

Noone's perfect. :P