Reviews for "ATD's Drinking Song"

Its funny and catchy at the same time :D

Great video, pretty funny, and a great tune.

Just one thing, though -
where the hell was the 'mild nudity'?


I've seen the oringinal and I have to say this is better than the first. I wanted to download it but I could'nt find it on your site!!! Oh Well....This is a 10 out of 10 flash video. If you don't like it...... go away.

ATD Rocks!

I love this flash. I really do. I still laugh when I see it and still sing along. My only beef was that it kind of got boring during the end when they repeated the chorus twice, but otherwise really quality stuff.


I loved it! I fucking loved it! It is definately a favorite of mine!


i kinda like its cool.