Reviews for "ATD's Drinking Song"

I am starting to drink again. Akira's awesome

Akira The Don is one of the few rappers that doesn't have to rap about sex and money to be awesome. It just comes out of natural talent. Not streetmade.

Rap sucks...

...but ATD is an exception. Great work.

lol i remember when i saw this when it came out

and it was cool then, now i find it funny cause i can relate to it rofl

its the drinking song its the drinking song!

hey zef u rock out loud! its the drinking song its the drinking song and if u dont like drinking u can sing along everybody luvs the drinking song if u DO like drinking they u cant be wrong everybofy luvs the drinking song! and why duz po outa teletubbys smoking!? lol


I LOVE this song/flash thingy. Great work peoples.