Reviews for "ATD's Drinking Song"


i love the video and the song.

and to odieds: beer is only posion if you drink too much, numbnuts

kick ass!!!

lol this video is awsomeness!! I like drinking, but not like abusing it or nuthen, and the words were kick ass too. however i couldnt rally make out most of them because they were going so fast and the color of the subtitles messed me up. but STILL this is AWSOMENESS!!

love it

I love this if only i could remember all the words. o i know this has nothing to do with anything but did anyone else relize theres 1 black guy

Kick Ass!

Now if I could get everyone to learn the words I would have people sing this down at the bar!


i LUV this song it totally rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luvs xoxo