Reviews for "ATD's Drinking Song"

well it is a drinking song

cant stop looping it so addictive

Dope shit!

Yo Akira and Zef as you guys are im Amsterdam let me now, we need to smoke a big big joint ;).
Props for the great music, love the lyrics and the way you recorded it, altrough LITF is still my personal fave ;).

Keep up that creativity!

2 things

wtf the fuks tht pink thing and its relly goodbut not as god as i love the futra baby thery goooooooooodddddddddddd

I loved it....

It was hilarious, both the animation, and the song rocked!!! You've got amazing talent with these ATD music videos, I'd love to see more of these in the near future!

Wow great song choice.

Since im very sure your not from the U.S. with ur name Zef this song is new to me and i think this is as good as any other rappers. The animation is becomes insignificant because u made such a good sound choice. Anyway the micheal jackson blond haired character U might wanna change. But Akira the don L.I.T.F was better . Ur on my favorite author's list.Plz keep animating ur talented.