Reviews for "ATD's Drinking Song"

akira the don rocks

i loved it! keep em coming!
"and without booze most of you'se would've never been born"

I love these akria and the don songs

For the sake of god make more i cant stop watching these there more addictive than crack please make more i need something great to waste my time on i love this stuff your great man keep up the good work

i love arkeyo the dons work!

god i am going to have that stuk in my haed for a month!i wont to c more of aerkeyo the don plzzplzplzspzlzplzpzlzpzlzplzpzlpzlz!!!!!!!!more!more!more!

Oh, thanks alot, now I have another adiction

I have played this song so many times i've memorized the words without looking at the lyrics. mmmmm Im a sad case. this is a must watch. This is the scareface of flash videos.

Its A Drinkig song!

It's so amazing. i loved. Keep it up Akira the don