Reviews for "Blade and Mystic"

i watched it all.

who could have thought listening to a seemingly unscripted conversation between 2 people (one who EATS crack for breakfast, and the other who..well there was nothing special about the guy who was talking most of the time) and halfway enjoy it? yeah nothing more to say here, the high pitched voice kid needs his own movie, the other one can die because he was boring.



I can't believe I sat through that!
But, it WAS kinda funny. I like it.
nice job


this is one of, if not my favorite thing on newgrounds, its just so random...it sounds like a conversation with some of my friends, its just ... well, anyway, i watched the movie when it was first posted, and i was gonna find it for my friend, but i lost it, and forgot the title, so i just spent the past like 45 minutes looking for it, the only reason im writing this is to keep this review in my profile so i can find it again...im also gonna take it out of my temp files and put it in a folder...wooee, anyway...u and ur friend should get together again and be dumb, its funny...


Perfect thing to watch when bored, Hey have you been to DAU? just wondering XD deviantART rulz!! >< damn I'm really bored now >< Randomness!!!!!

You have done it again!

Man u are awesome ! i love your 2 flashes! look forward to seeing more from you in the future!