Reviews for "Blade and Mystic"

This ain't bad. It's actually imaginative.

I liked it...it was prety much a white screen with random drawings on it, but I still liked it. I was wondering if I might be in on your next production...I have a story that might work well as an animation plus I'm good at making voices. I would also like it if Kyle was there. His voice is kewl. He sounds like Gir from Invader Zim, hands down. The story just so happens to be about a (dun-dun-nahhhhhh) kitsune, and I think it would be cool if you could do the project with me. And just wondering...but are you, either of you furries? I'm a furry and it would be good if I could get people who are adamant about the theme of my story.


this is one of, if not my favorite thing on newgrounds, its just so random...it sounds like a conversation with some of my friends, its just ... well, anyway, i watched the movie when it was first posted, and i was gonna find it for my friend, but i lost it, and forgot the title, so i just spent the past like 45 minutes looking for it, the only reason im writing this is to keep this review in my profile so i can find it again...im also gonna take it out of my temp files and put it in a folder...wooee, anyway...u and ur friend should get together again and be dumb, its funny...

not bad

it was funny, but you might want to add more color and adjust your mic settings just a bit.

Never... Ever....

Never... Ever get bored again...
but that was kinda cool...


ha ha ha
it seems y'll were bored and did this cuz it ain't funny, and it sure didn't make no sense to me