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Reviews for "No place for a hero"

super cool great job awsome

He has an egg head... Apart from that it's pretty sweet!

im batman
very realistic, good job

good detail

I'm going to say right off the bat that his head looks kind of long, dunno if it's part of batman's mask design where there is a grid sphere hat on his head but that how I see it.
I also notice a snow-like background even though batman is dripping wet, doesn't bother me as much but it doesn't seem to fit.

Now overall this would make an awesome batman poster, I love how the costume feels like rubber and how it's torn too. The hard grid layer beneath the rubber layer oh his mask is a nice touch too but it's not practical as a quick slip on mask.

Nekow responds:

My fault for choosing such an akward angle. I even tried looking up some reference pics but it still looks weird. About the dripping wet part, I guess it's just a matter of taste because it is possible to have both snow and some droplets of water in your pic. Thanks for giving your opinion, much appreciated :)