Reviews for "Demonic Defence 3"


gave me head ache. (yeah i did turn down sound) maybe u change music... or do like a music player with differant songs?


I gave this a four cuz' all you do is click O_o i didn't get it. It was sort of addictive, but it also got really hard fast and i got tired of clicking. Pretty lame.

Great game.

You were allowed to pick your style of play, and that is just EXCELLENT. You are allowed to make your castle, but that is limited. It can actually get hard pretty fast, usually with these types of games it would delay. Also, what is the song? Either way, it is a good game.


Nice game!


Definitely can tell this was made 5 years ago. Needs work, but I'm sure that will never happen seeing how old this crappy game is. Not going to waste time on what and how to improve this game.

AntitudeGames responds:

Then why bother reviewing?