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Reviews for "-Orr- Outnumbered"

This was great

After listening to this about 3 times I came to the conclusion that this would be great for a log-in theme music for any online game be it mmorpg or fps.

Well done my friend and keep it coming. This is epic even if others disagree. I understand what you were going for with the dramatic sequences in this track which brings the listener closer to the music and allows them to feel the intensity of whats going on.


DavidOrr responds:

Thanks! And, having seen this in-action in the game, it works really well. It gives a deeper, more conflicting sound to the world of Sonny, which is exactly what we were going for.


It definitely sounds Sonny to me. Frantic but controlled, but most importantly sounds beautiful.

Epic Win

I bet this song will match with Sonny 2 5/5 10/10


... after hearing that, all on earth sounds so unbeautiful compared with this, i wonder if my ears will bleed...

Your a master, Sir!

DavidOrr responds:

Thanks :)


I was just... Awe-struck when i heard this song in sonny 2, and now i can listen to it whenever I want too. Thank you sir, you have made the world of flash game music a whole lot better :)