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Reviews for "-Orr- Outnumbered"


It definitely sounds Sonny to me. Frantic but controlled, but most importantly sounds beautiful.


Sonny 2? cool beans. also the song is good.

DavidOrr responds:


Its nice...

Though I think it needs a bit more bass... but the music is still good nonetheless.

DavidOrr responds:

If I do make a longer version of the piece, I'll definately re-master it and add some more bass to give it more of a "hollywood sound". Right now, however, any more bass with start to clash with some of the sound effects we're brewing up, so we can't adjust frequencies much more than they already have been tweaked. Nonetheless, I'll look into how the bass sits in the mix and see if I can make any tweaks.

Thanks for the review!

This was great

After listening to this about 3 times I came to the conclusion that this would be great for a log-in theme music for any online game be it mmorpg or fps.

Well done my friend and keep it coming. This is epic even if others disagree. I understand what you were going for with the dramatic sequences in this track which brings the listener closer to the music and allows them to feel the intensity of whats going on.


DavidOrr responds:

Thanks! And, having seen this in-action in the game, it works really well. It gives a deeper, more conflicting sound to the world of Sonny, which is exactly what we were going for.

Close, but didn't quite hit the spot

Yay! Another sign that Sonny 2 is coming closer to release. :)

I liked the theme used at the beginning of the song, but as it progressed, I didn't get the "deep" and "epic" feeling that I got from Heroic Confrontation, one of you greatest masterpieces (in my opinion).

I can't quite say I know how it should be edited, but maybe change the song so that it gives you more of a feel of a "battlefield"? Part of the song really gave you this imagery, but the other half didn't quite feel like it "fit."

Sorry if this was kind of unhelpful description-wise, but I can hope you can another grand final result like Heroic Confrontation for Sonny 2!


DavidOrr responds:

There is always going to be a special place in my heart for the original Sonny music. Something about the combination of of the game and music really clicked for a lot of people, and it's quite a feat to match it. But I'll walk you through my logic about the music for Sonny 2.

I wanted something a bit different this time around. I wanted music that wasn't quite a stereo-typically "epic", but had a fresher feel to it. That said, I realized there would be many people that would want some music that packed the same kind of punch the original music did. So, I decided to make a new battle piece from the ashes of Duty Calls and Heroic Confrontation (which is not on Newgrounds yet). I feel that this piece is even more epic than the original music for Sonny, so hopefully that will satisfy your thirst for deep epic music!

Thanks for the review!