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Reviews for "-Orr- Outnumbered"

this is AWESOME!

I'm sure ALL of us sonny fans will like the full version! I like this a lot, and the full version is sure to be awesome! I can't wait, so you got my vote. 10 OUTTA 10, DUDE!

Another excellent song from Sonny :D

I have no idea how you do these! :D it's an epic song for an epic series of games :3
P.S.: I beat Sonny 2 the day it came out in 6 hours, It's so addictive! lol :D
Quite the awesome song, man.
another 5/5 and 10/10!

How to say this...

First off, dont take this the wrong way, this is a great piece of music. It will indeed go well with the sonny 2 game, however, when i saw the title, I expected something a little bit... faster. faster and darker. Maybe add in more of the deep instruments in the brass and woodwinds section, and possibly up the tempo by 5-15 BPMs. Just a thought. Do that, and the song will be a 10/10 for me.

Very fitting for Sonny

I must say, this certainly makes a nice battle piece. Glad we have a competent composer. All I can say is with my inexperience of music, is keep up the good work.

Epic Win

I bet this song will match with Sonny 2 5/5 10/10