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Reviews for "-Orr- Outnumbered"

I think I know something fishy

This song has some of your pice Internal Conflict doesn't it?

DavidOrr responds:

They share a common motif- but they're two completely different pieces. Thanks for the review!

amazing stuff *nods*

I think that this loop is amazing, and im sure the whole thing would be even better. I think that you are an amazing artist, keep it up! :)

Loved this piece.

It captures the situations in Sonny 2 well, and it feels perfect for those short bursts of action in some games (like a quick chase scene, etc).

Great loop music

Like what dakorok said it actually fits the city of Hew

Fits perfectly when used in the game

After playing Sonny 2, I found that this fits perfectly into the general feel of the game. Another great work!
If you would have to upload only one more Sonny 2 piece though, a piece that I would like to hear is the end-of-zone battle music (the one with the really kick-ass guitar riff).

DavidOrr responds:

I'm trying to get that ready as I type this- I've had a little trouble with my software so hopefully I can get that worked out asap!

Thanks for the review!