Reviews for "cats r evil!!! episode 3"

OMG, this is soooo not worth your time!!!!!!!!!!!

This was one of the worst quality flashes I have ever seen. The music is too loud, so you can't hear what they are saying, and the story is poor and gets boring eaisily. The first one was the only one that wasn't a total disappointment. It's not worth your time if you like funny, interesting flashes.

real cool

It's snowing! This is a very well animated flash movie. The dogs talk lol. hahah french poodles. Damn this is a funny movie. You did great work with this movie.


nice movie, Btw, Cats Are Evil :D


really cool!!!


Bravo! Bravo!

This is what flash animation should be. Authors, hold this as an example of what your work should look like. A true gem in a seemingly endless supply of the crap that is usually on NG, This is a truly great piece of Hard Work.