Reviews for "cats r evil!!! episode 3"


BEEN waiting SOO long for this episode!! amazing!!!

dude wtf

that was wicked stupid

been a while

its been a while since ive seen these cartoons i remember the others scarcley, i really like your style, your drawing are top knotch and your graphics are very well done, i liked the graphics on the plane they were really goood, it was pretty funny to the poodles were the best

not too shabby

It's been such a long time, hasn't it?
At 1st it took me awhile to remember this series.
The graphics are as great as before and the voicework is professional and clear to hear.
Though I din't find it that funny or humourous, but it has some charm to it.

nicely done

to "jilly22" turn around...turn of your britney spears on your home stereo speakers and ta-daa! now you can hear the voices in the animation, considering the music did not interact or even run into the dialog at all.

Nicely done though, with a certain style to it which youve kept pretty consistent throughout your series. hah, maybe a little longer next time because this was slightly uneventful. good job.