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Reviews for "Darkbeat"

Nice Darkness

this is a great song man, i like the bass and dark tones that you added, u got some mad flow, the only part i didnt really like was at the end but everything else was great-------------check my songs

Varnik responds:

Thanks for the review man, I also don't think the end is all that good, didn't turn out the way I would of liked =/

O well, next time I'll try something better =)

Nice....Very Nice...

You've got skillz with a capital S, good sir!!

Varnik responds:



Dont take this the wrong way, but i hope you get bored more often and for far longer.

Varnik responds:

Haha thats funny, thanks for the review!

Love the Beat!

It keeps driving through to the end. You add a good deal of variety and it just works.

Varnik responds:

Glad you love the beat. Thanks for the review!


Yeah, no kidding. I definitely got the evil and dark vibe coming from it.
However, you should spice it up! Don't let it repeat the same pattern 9 times in a row. (Even though that's what techno is famous for.)

Varnik responds:

Glad you got the dark vide XD and agreed about the repeat but like I said below had to keep it simple to keep that dark vibe. Thanks for the review.