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Reviews for "Darkbeat"


aswsome dude its to good good to be on ng

Varnik responds:

Haha thanks and its not to good to be on Newgrounds nothing is. Thanks for the review!

Luv it.

It loops very well. It repeated and I almost didn't notice. It needs n other review and it is beautiful.

Varnik responds:

Glad that you liked it, but as for reviewing it I don't think we will be. Thanks again!

i love this music..

its not melodic because it is tachno type of music......i love this music...

Varnik responds:

Thank you :D

Is it just me or is it missing just one thing?

Don't get me wrong, it's very Vespertine but not quite barbarous to be remotely mojestuous, blueangel399. I just feel like there should be some angry German voice in the background or maybe some Leva's Polka. Now, that you mention it, I have no idea what the f@#k I'm talking about. Change nothing

Varnik responds:

Rofl this made me laugh, thanks for reviewing!

hot stuff

song is hot man, keep it up, are u gonna make more?