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Reviews for "Darkbeat"


this some of the funkiest ass-blasting music i have ever heard of!

Is it just me or is it missing just one thing?

Don't get me wrong, it's very Vespertine but not quite barbarous to be remotely mojestuous, blueangel399. I just feel like there should be some angry German voice in the background or maybe some Leva's Polka. Now, that you mention it, I have no idea what the f@#k I'm talking about. Change nothing

Varnik responds:

Rofl this made me laugh, thanks for reviewing!

Very nice!

continue like that and you'll have something mojestuous . it's just a bit repetitive at the end

Varnik responds:

Not sure what that word means lol, guess I better pull out the dictionary. Thanks for the review!


Yeah, no kidding. I definitely got the evil and dark vibe coming from it.
However, you should spice it up! Don't let it repeat the same pattern 9 times in a row. (Even though that's what techno is famous for.)

Varnik responds:

Glad you got the dark vide XD and agreed about the repeat but like I said below had to keep it simple to keep that dark vibe. Thanks for the review.


It's no Hank's Return, but i found this song pretty dark.
My only point is that it gets really repetitive at the end.... but
me like!

Varnik responds:

Yea a bit repetitive but our problem was finding the right beats and patterns to keep it dark, and to keep it darks we had to repeat it a bit. Thanks for reviewing!