Reviews for "Journey Back Home"

Well done, I like the coloring.

Riding a Giant Lynx/Sabertooth sure beats the hell out of some boring horse. Very original drawing. The fall colours are very warm and inviting. In my mind her companion can talk and he has a deep wise voice... Patrick Stewart/Ian McKellen.

Awesome Art!

Damn man, this is beautiful. That's all I've got to say.

love the story u put to it! the background is amazing, i love the light details in the tree to Aija's right. but Rahnta is defenitely the best, his expression is perfect his eyes are really well done and i really like how u did his fur only thing i'd say wud b that Aija looks slightly too sharp to match with the rest of the piece, yeah she's wearing armour but her bags and equipment behind her aren't as well defined, its really well done mind but it doesn't match the rest of it as well as it could, udr then that love it, on a personal note wudv luvd 2 c her expression more clearly XD <3

Wow this is amazing