Reviews for "Journey Back Home"

Awesome! and the story is very good too. Hey, write a book and illustrate it(youself of course) and I'll buy it! I love Rahntah's eyes, proportions and fur. Great detail!

AlvinHew responds:

That's something I'd like to do one day. I appreciate the suggestion and review!

Ahh this reminds me of skyrim but about the tiger i saw you mixed features from different creatures:
tooth of a saber cat, body of a white tiger, ears of a lynx, tail of a ... (i could'nt recognize) and the legs are of another animal i coud'nt reconogize either but what i like most is the friendly looking face the background was badass as well

AlvinHew responds:

Glad you like it, dude.

I've been an artist for awhile and I am just looking at this going

"How the hell is it even possible for someone to make this"

Simply stunning

AlvinHew responds:

Thank you!

i really liked the background and the girl,but i loved this tiger,it's so different,unique and amazing,great work,congrats.

Very realistic!