Reviews for "Journey Back Home"

Pretty nice, like all of your stuff :)
My only quips about this one are:
1.) It seems that the arm reaching down to pet the beast seems a little bit short
2.) The minimal or lack of shadow said arm casts on the beast
3.) For being such a big and (most likely heavy) beast, it leaves no imprint on the ground it is walking/standing on. It is simply floating on top of the grass there, it seems.
However, those flaws aside, it is a very nice piece, and I love the way you did the lighting and the trees. They look fantastic.

AlvinHew responds:

I see what you mean. I've attempted to fix those issues and have updated with a new version.

Thanks for the review.

WOW ur paintings r so so cool

AlvinHew responds:


Koros' brother from Watt-Evans' Overman saga .

AlvinHew responds:


nice story and art, but well i still think that tiger look too much like a home cat, that the only - point, great work :D

AlvinHew responds:

Ah, I see. Thanks for the review!

WOW...you have a gift for writing as well!! I agree with AKG623 that you should write AND illustrate your own stuff. I certainly will buy your book and PAY you to get it autographed!!
BTW your Blood Charm stories were just as interesting to read.

AlvinHew responds:

Maybe one day I will! I'm glad you liked the Blood Charm stories as well.