Reviews for "Journey Back Home"

I have to admit, Alvin Hew is one of my favorite artists on Newgrounds. His work is amazing and tells a wonderful story. Amazing.

Go write a book dude :D

This is amazing.

The fall coloration is just amazing, with the tree leaves that nice, tan to medium brown color. The sun's golden rays help enhance both the brown and the surviving green of the grass and shrubbery. Rahntah and Aija's postures enhance their bonds as two traveling companions. Enhancements (but just slightly) to Rahntah's black fur stripes would create a bit more tiger like appearance, as well as a better appearance of his green eyes. For Aija, her armor needs to be just a bit darker, and perhaps a bit more like on her belt-line, but much more armor, so she could remain agile.

Wow this is amazing