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Reviews for "Starwars spoof 3"

lol! soooooooooooo funny

i laughd till i fell out of my rocking chair( only chair that was not broken) and almost broke my ankel. and im still laughing now lol.

Really funny

This was really good quigon and obiwan actually looked like the actual actors. and it was hilarious. But it was a little too short.

Wow,you've outdone yourself

That had to be the funniest starwars spoof I have ever seen.(Im still laughing)

(although Qui gon jin looked ugly)

good idea

i dont know why but after seeing that i realised i have always had a longing to see maul knock himself out! good job keep it up

whats better then someone knocking themself out :)

as in the summary there's nothing better then someone knocking themselves out for a good laugh.