Reviews for "Thicker Than Water"

yo dipshit who reviewed before me,

Who fucking died and made you the judge of whats fit for NG and whats not? Though it's been said many times many ways... SHUT THE FUCK UP N00B

great comic I <3 YOU ED
The classic has been re-made!
rejoice :)


Your fukking awesome im sorry about that being your real childhood but you artwork kikks ass

Reminds me so much of something..

Like Calvin and Hobbes. Phenomenal piece of work, I must say. Nonetheless, it seems like you have a pretty dysfunctional family. Your work is adorable, but so deep. Like Calvin and Hobbes.
Are you sure you're not Bill Watterson in disguise??? *shifty eyes*
Perfect work, can't wait to see more.

Very Well Done!

Great comic. Very edgy, and sooooo funny! I didn't want it to end and I can't wait till you make more.


THAT IS THE MOST FUNNY THING IN THE WORLD!!!! Holy...... "Whats that little cute worm in the corner? its his weiner!"