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Reviews for "Flatout Minigame"

About time..

...that they gave you a daily first, NB. Heh, you're games have always been badass and now you're finally getting recognized for it. Proud of you, man.

Axel is an awesome partner for you, hope to see more from the you two.

Peace out,

Me likes

Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy...
But still... Nice game for some quick entertainment.. Perfect for a mini game

Great game!

Great game! I loved the concept and the levels are actually challenging. It's damn near addictive trying to get a good score. I would suggest a retry option after each level, or atleast the final level, to try and get a better score if you suck and get 0(like I did the first time). Awesome job! Perhaps a sequel with more levels and more skins???

This game pwns.

It fricking pwnsorz my bonarz... >_> <_< mO_Om bam biax... But, yeah... It owns...

This is awsome.

You should add alot more stunts and make this game really long.

Norwegian-Blue responds:


Sorry, no sequel... But I will release some more games this year!