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Reviews for "Flatout Minigame"

Kewll game,
I liked the graphics,
and playing the game is fun,
why don't you put some more options,
easy normal hard mode, or another things,
but if you update, I hope the higscore will work ^^

Excellent game concept!

I mean... everyone's had dreams of becoming a crash test dummy... and while there's only three stages in this game, each one is filled with crash testing goodness, so... it's all good.

If I have any complaint, BTW, it's that the "fade-out/fade-in" effect with the narrowing/expanding circle takes too long. I wanna replay the game quicker, dagnabit! Move, move!

Okay, on with the game... the gameplay of level one is interesting. There's no correlation between the weird clockdial-like indicator and anything in a car (well, maybe the alternator or something), so... that's kinda weird. But it was a somewhat challenging method of acceleration/braking, especially as the speed of the dial increases. I, for one, wasn't sure if I was getting the max amount of "holddowntime" from each light-up... perhaps a speed/maxpossiblespeed indicator near the dial would be a good addition? But then... wheeee, long-distance flying. Reminds me of pingu toss or whatever. My top score: 303.

Now, with level 2... again, a lack of a speed indicator makes it difficult to know if you're doing the space-bar-tapping properly or not, but oh well. At least there's a distance indicator so you know when the brick wall is coming up. This is a fun level, and I fell short of the bullseye twice before hitting it on the third try. Score? 100, duh. #;-}>

And finally, level 3. Greatest of all levels. Why? Because it doesn't require constant maintenance of your speed like 1 & 2, just a guess on the meter at the start based on the position of the ring (nice variation with that) and then sit back and watch. heh. Plus, a ring of fire is just damned cool. Once again, my best is 100.

Sadly, my top overall score wasn't 503, as the time I hit 303 on the first level, I got 50 points on the second one. WHOOPS. A fun game. More customisation and levels would be grand. But hey, as it says... minigame. Excellent minigame at that. Kudos!

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Thanks for the long review :)

If you wonder why this response is so late, Its only now I have had time to go throug the reviews...

pretty cool

this game is cool good job but i think you should make it so the controls are like the hitting spacebar repeatedly and make the levels like the firts one

Original games!

Great graphics and very original and fun games. Good job!


This is a great game. I suggest everyone try it.
Smell Ya Later