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Reviews for "Flatout Minigame"

Pretty Average....

It was just your average, run of the mill "wait till the red dot is in the middle of your meter" game. It's kinda funny watching the little guy roll after he hits the ground though. The last part sucks because it constantly changes, and after playing it a few times, you can always hit the bullseye on the second level if you just keep hitting space fast; there just isn't any technique to it and no skill required. If that changed and the ring of fire had a better perspective to give you an actual idea of the length, this would've gotten a better score with me.

Pretty Awsome

I love the different styles of gameplay!

That was amazing.

Reminded me vaguely of marshamallow madness... Sweet.

Over 500

This game kicked major butt. The game was just out there. Low kb and good graphics equals a big fat ten.

Well crafted, but lacks length

The best way to describe this game is to compare it to classic NES olympic games such as "Track and Field" that require button tapping precision in order to win. Masking this genre over with a stunt car theme is a creative idea. In fact, the game play is quite fun. However, the game ends in three levels and thats where the creativeness comes to a halt.

The graphics were good, but there was nothing that really stood out. Honestly, the graphics don't really need to be all that important for this type of game, as long as they set the theme and mood of the game, which I think was done correctly. The menu's looked professional, and the animations were fluid. Just nothing overly complicated.

The sound was done well. The BGM stopped when you watch your character fly across the screen and you hear him scream which added a humorous touch. In the background you can hear an audience cheering your character on which is also a nice touch.

If only the game lasted longer. There were three different levels that presented 3 different ways to use the spacebar. There was really no set goal other than seeing if you get a high score. If there was some sort of score limit you must get to go onto the next level, that would allow repeating older levels but with increased precision and difficulty. But even doing that can get stale with only three levels. I'm sure there are many ways to utilize the spacebar to increase content.

I enjoyed the game for what it was. It was a nice distraction, but I just wish it was a longer distraction.

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Thank you for the review....
If I make a Flatout Minigame 2 I will surely think about the things you say, you have some good points