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Reviews for "Flatout Minigame"


That was really good. The first time I played, in the first round I got 256, second I got 100 and third I got 100. Great game!


That was really good well done :)

mini game you say?!

that was a bloody good game! or, 3 bloody good games! haha. i really enjoyed playing them.
first time round, i got 214, 50, 0, lol. on the last level i cleared the burning ring by a LOT! haha.
wel, the games were quite interactive, and were fun to play because they all involved doing different things and achieving different goals.
the graphics and animation were really nice, and the sound effects + music were great. so well done on this great game!
overall score: 8/10

in my opinon

it was a damn good game

I'm surprised it won.

But having said that, it's still good.

And i'm sure that worthless little cunt superelastic will kiss your arse beyond recognition and give you a 10 anyway.