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Reviews for "Flatout Minigame"


Awesome work, yet again Blue. We really need to get our asses working again on that one game we started. That is, if you still want to. Contact me, man.

Keep up the great work.

Daily Feature!!!!!!!!!!!!

W00t!!!!!!!!! Awesome work guys. "Beta testing" this game was awesome, and now that it's a daily feature on Newgrounds, even cooler.

What an awesom game.


wasnt expecting that :P very good work


I see this is the first game in a rather long time to win the Daily Feature award. You did a good job, it's a good game to play when you have a few minutes of spare time to kill. I do find it kind of hard to hit the bullseye of the target--even harder than to go through the flaming ring--and like another reviewer said, it would be better if we could have a button that justs starts over one game instead of all three games. Still, a good game and a job well done!

so addictive.

really good idea with the whole "press the spacebar only when in green". it's pretty good, and i want to see when the whole flatout game comes out. the signs were funny too.