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Reviews for "Flatout Minigame"

Great Variety!

I love how this game has multiple ways of playing. It is a very easy game, but I don't complain because the game is quite fun and can be funny. Kudos to the creators!

awsome game

dude this games is f*cking sweet, i loved this sign in the back "have my babies (name)." i checked out ur site its a good site to go onto. this in my opinion is a awsome game as i saied before and gave this game a 5 on my vote. u gotta make a sequal. but all in all keep up the good work.

Hehe, cool

Very great, original, nice graphics...Too bad what it is a demo :(.


maby you should add lome levels where you shoot the car itself into a target.

-side note-
when you right click and click play in the end screen of the 3rd level, you wil get a realy weird (testing?) game


that game woz gr8!!! i woz laughing all the way thru. the only thing that u cud improve on is the violence. more blood plz =)
gj hope u make more =D