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Reviews for "Flatout Minigame"


well..........a nice graphic even the frontpage was user-friendly......i never thought that we could helmet in a car.........HAhHAhAHhHAA

This game pwns.

It fricking pwnsorz my bonarz... >_> <_< mO_Om bam biax... But, yeah... It owns...

Very good

I liked this, it was nice how each game was different as were the controls. It was also good that there were different purposes for each round, and a suitable one that made sense. It was interesting and lovely... keep up the good work!

*Crazed laughter*

Good sound, m'kay graphics, try adding some BLOOD!
"I wanna whatchu BLEED!"-Axl Rose

Cool, good job dude.

That was pretty sweet, nice job man! I wish there was more levels though, definitely make more if you have time!