Reviews for "Green Greens (Zero Mix)"


I Hate this song


Sorry RareKirbyStarBall2, but Andrew93 is right. This is Fountain of Dreams/King Dedede battle.

Good song, at first I though it was too slow, but then the drums kicked in and saved the day. :)

:D :D :D

this is green green! not King deedee andrew -.- anyways i love thios song :P


Sorry but that's King Dedede's Theme...
When i rate something istart from 10 and the i penalize the grade with imperfection...
-1 Wrong Song
-2 Repetitive(You added the second part but...well...you waited too long and it was not intonated)
-1 Lack of originilaity in instruments
I wanted to penalize it more but...i think that a six is okay...6 for review and (6/2=3 but i don't like it so...)2 stars...

This isn't Green Greens

This is the song that plays when you fight King Dedede in NiDL.
Not sure what's its called, but good mix!