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Reviews for "Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 3"

Dude(s), I still love you!

I got all you songs (Evil-dog)! and all 3 Switch VS Evil-dog songs! You guys are AWESOME! But also please continue on Freak. (I already sent you a PM about that few weeks ago) But ROCK ON! \m/ 0 o \m/

Evil-Dog responds:

we'll keep it up :D
Freak...I'm not sure...maybe :)

Plain awesome

This one is really awesome, I think #3 and #2 are better than #1.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah? I think round 3 = round 1 > round 2 :)

Great job.

I like all the Switch Vs. Evil-Dog Round *. Just great to hear. Make more like this and i WILL use them in my YouTube vids. I bet ill get asked: whot music do you use its great. Dont have anything to say but i love this1.

Evil-Dog responds:

Awesome man :)


i love the friendship between switch and evil-dog.p.s. ithink that evil-dog must be famous

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah switch is cool

This song is epic and I found it was a very suitable song for a boss battle against those brothers in scgmd4!