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Reviews for "Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 3"

aWsume! RESPECT °.O 5/5

the 3 now shinki needs hear this and needs create SCGMD4 xD

Evil-Dog responds:

I don't think he is for a while.


Yet another reason to make SCGMDX4...

Evil-Dog responds:

haha maybe

Pretty Awesome

This is a pretty kickin' punk song, and Im not much of a punk fan...but this is a really well done. If the music nowadays was all like this, I guess everything would be alright in the music industry...unfortunately we're stuck with the garbage that is known as "The Jonas Brothers". Thanks for providing the Internet with a small slice of musical entertainment!

Evil-Dog responds:

haha good one

another great song

im surprised that u arent in a famous band
your music skills are freaking mind shattering
keep it up

Very Cool :)

this song is number 1 in year 2009 :O lol