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Reviews for "Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 3"

IMO this might be the best battle u and switch.also i think this is the best song in SCGMD4 ^_^

This song is epic and I found it was a very suitable song for a boss battle against those brothers in scgmd4!

awesome song

this song is epic, but my fingers hate it right now from it being in the new SCGMD game good work


Evil you know there might be another scgmd? Or did you mean that you have sources that say that this one is better then round 1 & 2?

no moore scgmd games!

im kinda glad there arnt any more scgmd game cuz if there were then this whould be in it and god it would be hard. anyway 1 and 2 are better but i still like this one!

Evil-Dog responds:

I have sources that say otherwise :P I will say no more