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Reviews for "Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 3"

Just plain awesome

Another great round with Switch Vs Evil-Dog! Great job! HOWEVER, I'm gonna give you a 9/10, since the song doesn't sound like the other rounds in style. Of course, that doesn't mean it isn't one of the best songs I've heard in the audio portal! Keep it up, hope it'll be a final round or something.

Evil-Dog responds:

ok, but why should it sound like the other rounds, why is it a criteria? Round 2 didn't sound like round 1, round 3 doesn't sound like the others, that's like...normal.


Yet another reason to make SCGMDX4...

Evil-Dog responds:

haha maybe


totally sick.

Evil-Dog responds:



Nice guitar playing, every sound plays good and the rhythm is very enjoyable.
I like the little twist by 2:40 and 3:08. Keep it up!

Evil-Dog responds:

Nice :)

good. but meh

some cords were really low compared to others (like made it sound bad)
nothing more than that really

Evil-Dog responds:

Fair enough