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Reviews for "Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 3"

Plain awesome

This one is really awesome, I think #3 and #2 are better than #1.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah? I think round 3 = round 1 > round 2 :)

Just uncanny and increadible

You know if you make enough songs i hope they can take those songs and them in a video game....and of course this SWITCH VS EVIL-DOG 3 would me the starting intro ......just a wonderful piece of music to listen to......i hope this music(and your other works)dont go to waste......and if a large video game producer asks you for permission of your song ....i just hope that you would say yes so i can play a game and listen to your song

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah it would be awesome to have my music in games, like the guitar maniac game :)


LOVE it. Too bad I hear there's no plans for SCGMD4; this would seriously be the hardest and best song in it.
...Lest my old news is too far out of date...

Any which way, this is the best so far [Downloads, and converts to .wav]

Evil-Dog responds:

Probably not the hardest :) The riffs are pretty simple but it would be the longest hehe

Nice , Nice job man :)

Really rockin' :) Yeah ,it ll be the reason to make SCGMDX4 :)
I think that the second one is the best but its still very good song!

Gratz man :)

Evil-Dog responds:

It's funny how different people like different rounds. Well it's not really funny...haha
Anyway thanks!


Awesome job guys.

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks dude :) Good luck with your projects!