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Reviews for "Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 3"

very good.

I have avoided the audio portal untill now... didnt have high expectations, but god damn am I impressed. This is some good stuff.

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks dude, yeah don't abandon the AP :)


I love the transition in mood from the intro to the main song. You guys get two thumbs up, and if I had more thumbs, those would be up too! It's completely unbelievable how amazing this song is. I honestly don't know how you guys keep from running out of ideas!


Evil-Dog responds:

haha good thing we don'T :) Thanks!

You're the best

I think you're the best Punk music maker ever

Evil-Dog responds:

haha thanks but that's me and Switch so say something about Switch!!! haha


Now I'm torn between this, sweet agony, and another song for the music videos I am doing.

Not about song
Don't worry your the third episode "Final Battle" so it'll be a long time before even have to think about choosing one.

the other 2 are determined already so i'll consentrate on them.

as for the actual progression of these videos, its a series set in eastern asia during the events of the 1700's when weapons such as guns were being invented but swords were still in heavy use.

the hero of the story leaves his village to assist another in a battle while he's gone a shogun goes to his village. and obliterates it. nothing left.

Thats the beginning of part 1 music by "Milk Man Dan" see my journal for more details. (to be posted)
not about song

This track is awesome E-Dog. You and switch should do more collaberative work. Nothing beats listening to one of your contests with switch.

I can paint a pretty elaborate picture with this music. keepem coming my friend.

Evil-Dog responds:

Sounds like an epic music video :)

Intro Like Foo Fighters

I was listening to the intro of the song and it sounded similar to the Foo Fighters. Then it went into a punk smash fest full of awesome and great structure. I also like the way the song progresses at the end and slows down, a moment of rest for the contenders.

I never really liked songs that fade out. Stuff like this should end with a bang, no a whimper.

Evil-Dog responds:

oh noes! fade outs are awesome :D sometimes hehe