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Reviews for "Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 3"

OMG ^.^

I go to search you up in the AP.. and this song came on..
And i look up to see who its by.. who else? Switch Vs Evil-Dog.
I am amazed by the two of you.. YOU ARE ROCK GODS IN MY EYES!!
You will go far guys!! ROCK ON !,,!

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha nice man! Glad you found it and liked it! Cheers!


strait up awesome, I'm putting this on my ipod...

+10 points my friend!

Evil-Dog responds:

awesome :D


my god this is awsome

Evil-Dog responds:

haha thanks dude


Lol I voted 4 and it went down. Im like, Wait! i like this song! It should go up! Rock on! !m!

Evil-Dog responds:

You should have voted 5 :( haha at least you're honest

this reminds me of the music for a certain game.

Hedgehog launch. :O It just sounded to me like this song was similar to the music in that game in a way :D
Good thing i loved the music in that game, and this song was awesome too :D
great work, man.
I listened to the entire thing, and loved every part of it :D
5/5 and 10/10!

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah I guess you know I made the music in Hedgehog launch hehe
It's my style of music, coupled with Switch's awesomeness