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Reviews for "Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 3"

I'm with you...

I'm with you,Samdawg...
What ARE you guys doing on JUST the Internet?
Sign up for some record deals and something of the likes!!
C'mon, for the sake of the fans!!

Evil-Dog responds:

we both have our band, maybe it'll happen :) re but consider this, it's much easier to have good score on NG than actually succeed with a cord deal and stuff


Well Done

once again, not a disappointment from Evil-Dog

\m/_(¤_¤)_\m/ awesome work (btw that wierd thingie is me listening this song)


Dude, I've learned from this song that you (and switch, of course!) are TOO good for just the web. You should be doing sponsors,record deals, or even concerts!(Setu-firestorm could help with CDs & record deals!) Anyway, this song gets me PUMPIN! download'd, 10 & 5 keep up the EXEPTIONAL work and whatever you do, dont become a violence-writing poet. (just sayin. I've seen it happen to people like you 2 times before!)


If you ever need some Vox XD hit me up.. I'm a great singer